Relaxation and Meditation Music

Relaxation and meditation music fulfils an important role in helping us unwind, relax and re-centre.

I have been aware of, and have used material from, "The Guided Meditation Site" for some time now.

Royalty Free Meditation Music

The site hosts a number of articles on meditation, personal growth, health and happiness and relaxation and I commend these to you as a valuable [and free] resource: The Guided Meditation Site - Article Centre

On this page you will find an ever expanding range of free relaxation scripts to download. You can also find guided meditation scripts here:
The Guided Meditation Site - Relaxation and Meditation Scripts

I am a big fan of Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.Sc, Msc.D who founded this site and who is the author of numerous articles on the science of sound, Christopher regularly works with meditation teachers, holistic healers, hypnotherapists and personal development consultants to help them produce and distribute their guided audio productions.

Christopher is well versed in the scientific principles of psychoacoustics and music psychology, and he applies these principles whenever he writes music for meditation, hypnosis and deep relaxation.

A long-time meditator himself, he combines the artistry and science of music composition with his own unique insights into relaxation states.

"While I am composing, I enter into a state of deep relaxation. I feel my way through the music as I search for sounds that draw me into a deeper and deeper state. It’s a wonderful, intuitive process – a process that I have cultivated through years of meditation practice."

Christopher's site is in itself a relaxing place to visit, he offers many free downloads and resources and a very wide of relaxation and meditation music.

I commend it you:

Relaxation + Meditation Music + Guided Meditations- see HERE