Thinking about thinking

by Garnet

OK.....a really short short story.

I have tried to follow certain advice about thinking and in my earnest experience, the advice has been accurate. Each has made it easier to think when I do and not think when I don't.

Advice #1: Don't believe everything you think.

This made huge and quick difference. It seemed to help loosen up the stubborn posture of the ego. Humility began to visit more often.

Advice #2: View the thinking mind as more of a sense organ than the the voice of "me".

Shifting away from believing that "thinking" was "me" talking opened up the vista of awareness. Viewing thinking as yet another way of harvesting information from the realms of experience made it feel less personal. Openmindness became more attractive.


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Jan 25, 2012
Subtitles help me stay in the moment
by: Anonymous

My working life has brought super strength stress which is clogging up my brain. I was dealing with an aggressive threatening colleague who blocked all communication and is sure that her view is the only correct one. This culminated in her filing a greivance against me. This coincided with the death of my dear old Mum. My brain has been in real mess and self talk is difficult to control - I do my best. If only this person would look at your description of our filters and perceptions.
I have been absorbing the Danish language via TV programmes, as they are in a language that I cannot begin to understand my attention must be fully focused on the subtitles. This means there is no chance to allow myself to think of anything else, which is wonderful. I have recently found that my dreams are in the present too, they used to be set in my life about 10 years or more in the past.

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