Another Big Lie

When you look deep enough and persist with your enquiry with the question "who am I?" and you try and "find yourself" - if you go deep enough there is nothing there except an "operating system" of largely automatically pre-programmed thoughts and responses that runs the bag of bones that we like to think of as "me".

Ultimately there is no separate "I" in the sense of the ego as a "stand alone entity" that is distinct from everything and everyone else. It’s an illusion and it dies when we physically die.

Like the people in "The Matrix" virtually everybody is fooled by the illusion or (another) big lie that what we see is how things really are.

The reason we are fooled is because that is the way the human mind works – we are fooled by our thoughts, we are trapped in our thoughts and we can’t think this one through - there really is no way out via the conventional functioning of the human mind.

The expression of this big lie or illusion in the major world religions is articulated with words like Samsara, Maya, The Evil One, Satan and The Devil etc.

But, when we stop thinking, and move beyond the mind we experience that we are more (far more) than the limited and conventional sense of self – we are spiritual beings (or energetic beings if you prefer that phrasing), and at that level we really and truly are all interconnected and part of one all encompassing everything (for want of a better word) – and in that dimension we live for ever.

    "When… you step out of the content of your mind...the incessant stream of thinking slows down.

    Thoughts don’t absorb all your attention anymore, don’t draw you in totally.

    Gaps arise in between thoughts – spaciousness, stillness.

    You begin to realise how much vaster and deeper you are than your thoughts"

    [Eckhart Tolle]

I do not simply mean this as an idea or a concept but as a felt and experienced reality. The trouble is, for the vast majority of us, for the majority of the time, we just can't see it - our minds get in the way.

I accept that this may alienate some readers, and if that's how you feel - then that's really OK, let's just acknowledge that we're on different paths - for the moment.

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