3 Keys Sheets

What Are 3 Keys Sheets?

Being informed about how to think effectively is not the same as actually doing it!

The purpose of this site is not to entertain you but to educate you into action! As Calvin Coolidge put it:

"...the most intelligent people are those, who act intelligently — not those who study, yet fail to do anything with what they know... the world is full of educated derelicts."

3 Keys Sheets are one page summary sheets of key action points that you can apply to think effectively and change your life.

    The purpose of a 3 Keys Sheet is to provide you with:

    • 3 Key Points with the distilled summary of the subject.

    • 3 Key Questions to stimulate you into action.

    • 3 Key Actions to apply the material and learn the new skill.

    • 3 Key Resources to enable you to do this.

    • PLUS - My Personal Email so you contact me with questions, comments and observations.

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Stress Management


Living With Your Thoughts


How To Be Happy


Law of Attraction


Thinking Skills


The Power Of Framing


Going With The Flow


The Power Of Gratitude


The Power Of Expectation


Renewing Your Mind


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