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Supporting Articles For The Main Themes

The following articles develop and support the main themes and should be read in conjunction with the main pages under the relevant theme.

Articles Supporting Main Theme - How TO Think

The basics

The duck test and the big assumption

How things are

I did it MY way

It's ALL about these 2 simple things

4 big reasons why we get stuck

Another big lie

What do I do then?

Why we think the way we do

How we create our inner map

The filtering mechanism

Life beyond your thinking mind

Life beyond the thinking mind [1]

Life beyond the thinking mind [2]

How to stop thinking and the benefits!

How to stop thinking

Articles Supporting Main Theme - How to NOT think

Guest articles on meditation

Using The Present Moment As a Place to Just Be

The Most Important Reasons to Meditate

Finding Clarity in Life

Articles to support your understanding of mindfulness practise

Hardware reasons why we think the way we do

Mindfulness is a spontaneous state

Stuck in seeking

Some expert advice on developing awareness

Freeing yourself from your mind

My experience of mindfulness in situations of imposed change

Useful tips on how to practise mindfulness

Working with the selves

Big Mind experiences

Inspiration from your intuition and higher self

How to make decisions by the "night vision" of your intuition

Relax and trust in your higher self

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