How To Stop Thinking?

The Most Powerful And Proven Technique Is Meditation

How to think and how to stop thinking are two of the main themes of this site. At the most basic level, the state and quality of your mind has a very large bearing on the quality of your experience of life, and very specifically on your capacity for managing personal change.

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How to stop thinking - the most powerful and proven technique

The most powerful and proven technique for gaining control of your mind and learning how to stop thinking is meditation.

The over-arching goal of most meditation techniques is to gain a degree of control over the mind and freedom from the incessant flow of thoughts and internal chatter - the "monkey mind" as it is sometimes referred to - to relax and relieve stress, and to realise increased or higher states of insight and perception.

There are many meditation techniques and meditation practises. Regardless of the specific meditation technique you are using, the end result is that if you do enough of it, your mind will become quieter. If you do enough of it, you will learn how to stop thinking.

It's bit like what happens at a party, if you stay there long enough (and reasonably sober!) the number of people thins out, the noise levels diminish, and eventually if you stay long enough it becomes quiet and you can look around at the post-party debris with a reasonable degree of clarity.

As you still your mind through meditation, it becomes much easier to watch your thoughts and emotional states as they arise and cease - to observe the recurring pattern of these thoughts and emotional states, and eventually to watch yourself as you get caught up in these thoughts and states and for a while become totally identified with them.

Then, you start to see the connection between these thoughts and states and what shows up in your life - how to a certain degree you are creating your reality, or at the very least, how you are creating your experience of what is impacting you.

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Eventually, there will be intervals where you won't be looking at everything through the filters of the mind, and you'll be able to see past your mind and you will have glimpses and insights of who you really are.

In my view, adopting the practise of mindfulness meditation - or present moment awareness - is one of the best ways of developing a high level of self-awareness. Mindfulness develops the capacity to realise all of these benefits.

The benefits of learning how to stop thinking

    So what are the benefits of being able to stop thinking?

    • To witness or observe (without narrative or analysis) the recurring or autonomic nature of your thoughts and feelings

    • To watch how your inner map applies the filters

    • To see how you become immersed in and identified with your thoughts and feelings

    • To learn how to stop thinking – to turn your thoughts off - at will

    • Seeing through the noise

    • Peace

    • Enhanced intuition

    • Refuge from the insanity and frantic nature of daily life

    • Clarity of perception

    • Insight into the nature of things

    • A deeper sense of what is and isn’t important

    • Being able to let go and knowing you will be OK

    • Realising that there is a higher part of you that loves you more than you can possibly imagine

    • Realising that you have come home

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