3 Keys Solutions

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What Are 3 Keys Solutions?

3 Keys Solutions are one page summary sheets of key action points and resources:

  • To THINK effectively
  • To ACTION now
  • To CHANGE your life

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    Contents Of 3 Keys Solutions?

    The purpose of a 3 Keys Solution is to provide you with:

    • 3 Key Points summary of the subject.

    • 3 Key Questions to stimulate you into action.

    • 3 Key Actions to apply your solution.

    • 3 Key Resources to enable you to do this.

    • PLUS - you can contact me direct with questions, comments and observations.

    About 3 Keys Solutions

    3 Keys Solutions are focused on the overall theme of this site which is how to cope in tough times, and aim to provide you with the tools to do this successfully.

    3 Keys Solutions show you how to:

    1. Think effectively
    2. Maximize your response to events that occur in your life
    3. Improve the outcomes that you experience

    As you can see from the descriptions attached to each subject 3 Keys Solutions are "how to" solutions based on material on this site.

    There is a large amount of material on this site, but these sheets only reference material that is action oriented.

    Subjects covered are listed in alphabetical order below.

    Please note:

    If you are looking for wider reading across the site, you can download the free ebook "Managing Personal Change" and also refer to the Site Index.

    Subject Index - 3 Keys Solutions


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How To Manage Stress


How To Live With Your Thoughts


How To Be Happy


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How To Think Effectively


How To Apply The Power Of Framing


How To Go With The Flow


How To Apply The Power Of Gratitude


How To Apply The Power Of Expectation


How To Transform Your Mind


How To Live With Failure & Uncertainty


How To Cope With Loss & Transition


How To Harness The Power Of Words


How To Change Your Beliefs


How To Create Success


How To Benefit From The Power Of Habits


How To Find Your Life Purpose


How To Overcome Fear


How To Develop Self-Awareness


How To Overcome Resistance


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