Your Point Of Focus - Is Helping You Or Hindering You

Point Of Focus

I lacked a point of focus in the early years of my business career as a professional salesman. I started out selling capital goods such as printing equipment and photocopiers, then moved to selling services in the computer industry and then I joined Dun & Bradstreet selling information based direct marketing services (this was in the pre-digital era).

In my first 2 jobs I always managed to maintain a position in the top 20% of performers, but when I got to Dun & Bradstreet I wanted to be top salesman.

I got off to a good start and hit my targets but I wasn’t breaking any records. Then in the seventh month I missed a target and was very despondent.

My sales manager took me aside and gave me a piece of advice that has stayed with me for the past 40 years:

“Stephen” he said, “you’re a good salesman and one of your strongest qualities is your energy and enthusiasm, but you’re all over the place, you lack a point of focus. To become the great salesman that I believe you can be, you need to establish a point of focus your on those core activities that will generate the big sales.”

Fast forward 12 months, I applied his advice and I was the top salesman. I shattered all previous records by bringing in the single biggest order the division had ever seen, I exceeded my target by 250% and earned a lot of money.

Your Point Of Focus Is Either Helping You Or Hindering You

We live in an energetic universe and it's not neutral, it is also a participative universe.

Every single thought that you have, and especially the underlying energetic state associated with that thought, is influencing your life.

It’s either helping you or hindering you.

Your internal energetic states, your external behaviours, and therefore your results in life, are the direct result of your point of focus

Over time, what you focus your mind on becomes your reality.

It’s A Binary Choice

Your primary point of focus is a binary choice and the result of that choice is critical to your happiness, your inner peace, and your ability to create what you want in life.

You can either focus on what you want and what you want to move toward, or you can focus on what you don't want, what you want to avoid, what you are afraid of, what you are worried about, and what you want to move away from.

The most resourceful approach is to live life as though you expect to reap the results of your thoughts immediately.

Is Your Unconscious Point Of Focus On What You Don’t Want?

The big problem is that many of us are not conscious of what we are focusing on.

To unconsciously focus on what you don't want demonstrates your
immunity to change and is the root cause of all your resistance to what it is that you say you want.

How do you know you’re unconsciously focusing on what you don’t want?

You can tell your true point of focus by:

(1) How you are feeling. Anytime you have a bad feeling you are unconsciously focusing on what you don’t want and what you are trying to avoid.

(2) Your results. Any time an area of your life isn't working, it's because you're focusing on what you don't want in that area.

The root cause of focusing on what you don't want is past bad experiences and trauma. When you have a significant negative emotional experience, you begin to think: "There's danger out there, and I have to avoid it."

To avoid it, though, you have to focus on it, and when you do that, two things happen: first, you feel bad, and second, you get it.

Then you focus on it again… and create a vicious cycle of defeat "chasing your tail" to make up for the impacts of the unintentional miss-creations of your negative energy.

I have already covered the solution to this extensively, please refer to:
Dance Into The Light - How To Stop Chasing Your Tail

The ongoing solution to this is to adopt a mindful approach to life as an effective way of becoming aware of your habitual (negative) thought patterns and emotional states and weakening their hold on you to the point that you no longer self identify with these thoughts and states.

The practice of mindfulness will stop you focusing unconsciously and automatically, and empower you to intentionally shift your point of focus on what you do want.

6 Key Pointers To Help Your Point Of Focus

(1) Be very clear - What do you want? What is your
core desire?

(2) Stop trying and start doing. When you try you don’t do – so just do it.

(3) Remain mindful and begin noticing when you are focusing on what you don't want.

(4) Be aware that your resistance will try to pull your mind back to what you don't want. If it does, be mindful and sit with it and accept it.

(5) Change your point of focus back to what you do want. I recommend: The Three Minute Power Pause

(6) Keep short accounts with yourself and when needed, correct your thoughts in the moment they occur.

Discovering What You Really Want
Saves You Endless Confusion And Wasted Energy.

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