How To Overcome Fear And Perform Powerfully

Everything I write about in these "Reflections & Experiences is all based on direct personal experience. The same is applies to every practice or technique I share in these pieces.

The technique I am sharing here is an NLP based technique that I have used a number of times to very great effect.

Performance anxiety and fear of failure affect most of us at some point in our lives. Whilst it is natural to fear a level of fear and anxiety in these situations, and this can be a powerful stimulant to an excellent performance or execution of a task, it can also be debilitating and hold us back from doing our best or - in extreme cases - cause us to not engage.

I am not trained in NLP and I do not see it as the answer to every problem in life, and in my view it is frequently over-hyped and over-sold. However, I take a deeply pragmatic view of all these things and if it is simple to apply, requires no training other than a simple straightforward outline of the procedure, and most importantly if it works then I always happy to share.

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This simple technique can used to anchor any emotional state and in my view is a useful and powerful resource to have in your personal development toolkit.

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NLP - How To Change The Way You Think
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This is the preparation exercise, and then I will give you the technique

Sit quietly and in a relaxed state. Imagine you are in the situation where you want to perform powerfully. In your imagination see yourself fulfilling the task, for example taking a phone call in front of your whole class. Imagine every detail of how it will be.

Imagine yourself doing it incredibly well. Now feel how good it feels. Imagine how powerful you feel, how in control you feel, how proud you feel. Focus on the feelings of how good it is as you perform so well and so powerfully.

Repeat this exercise a number of times. What you are doing is rehearsing your powerful performance. So by the time you next do it, you will have rehearsed it so many times you will perform powerfully.

Here is the technique

Sit quietly and in a relaxed state. I want you to now imagine a time, a place and a situation when you have FELT powerful – incredibly powerful.

Play that scene through in your imagination and focus on the feelings of how powerful you felt.

The key to this is that you have to FEEL the feelings of powerfulness.

When you get to the point of maximum intensity of that feeling of powerfulness I want you to do things:

1. Say a word. Any word e.g. “Now” or “Power” – you choose the word.

2. Do a physical action e.g. clench your fist, tap your leg – you choose the action

These 2 things will anchor that peak emotional state.

So let’s repeat that: Play that scene through in your imagination and focus on the feelings of how powerful you felt. When you get to the point of maximum emotional intensity of that feeling of powerfulness say the word “NOW” and clench your fist. Then relax.

Do this exercise 2 or 3 times.

Next time you want to feel powerful (and no fear or anxiety), for example when you next have to take a call in front of your class, just say “NOW” and clench your fist.

You will find that your body is overwhelmed with the feelings of powerfulness and you will perform to the best of your ability. (The anchor word and physical action will trigger the feelings.)


Do not worry about how or why this works. You don’t need to understand it for this to work. Just do it!

You can use this technique to anchor any emotional state


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