Energy Of Life - The 4 Keys

Energy Of Life

The energy of life is the source from which all form and substance is created. We live in a universe of energy - literally and not just metaphorically. However, that's all fine and dandy but in times like these how is that possibly relevant?

We are living in a time of great uncertainty. For many of us the fear and worry about financial loss is as great, if not greater, than the fear of succumbing to Covid-19.

Many of us are self-employed and small business people and have seen our livelihoods suspended and in worst case scenarios destroyed. Many of those of those of us who are employed worry about being downsized when the current lockdown eases.

These are not groundless fears, they have substance and we are right to be concerned.

So what to do?

Many of the mainstream religions and belief systems use words like trust, surrender, non-attachment and letting go which are all well and good when we don’t have to practice them in the crucible of hard experience.

The world of self-help and personal development encourages us to think positive and visualise a good outcome. But that is a “big ask” as the money runs out.

In "Coronavirus - How To Cope With Social Distancing, Working From Home And Other Anxieties" we discussed the importance of the meaning, point and purpose of your experience of current times and suggested that the meaning, point and purpose is what you choose it to be.

We then suggested that ultimately that choice can either diminish you or strengthen you and we recommended the benefits of a mindful approach.

The mindful approach helps you to reframe your experience and stay present and focused on what is happening right now.

3 Questions

I want to develop that theme, but first a few questions:

1. Where are you grounded? Or more accurately, in what are you grounded? Where and what is your foundation? When health and wealth are at genuine and serious risk in what do you trust?

2. Where is your certainty when there is no certainty?

3. How are you feeling? What is your dominant emotion in the absence of all the usual feel good factors?

How To Manage Your Energy State?

I now want to take this to another level and suggest that you also pay attention to
your energy state.

We live in an energetic world, and how we feel inside most of the time - our dominant emotional state - has a major bearing on our experience of life, especially over time.

How you are feeling - your dominant energy state - is very largely determined by your grounding and this is the foundation of your certainty.

"Yes" you may say, "that's all well and good, but how is that possible in a time like now?"

How is this possible?

To keep this brief I want to borrow from AA, and other multi-step recovery programmes, and refer to a "higher power", that is to say something above and beyond our limited selves to which we can align and let go and which can form the basis of our grounding and certainty.

In "Finding a Higher Power – 5 Practical Ways to Increase Spiritual Awareness" Tim Stoddart states:

"Self-will and control is an illusion; it only exists in our own perception of reality. Finding a higher power is a way to give up control and subsequently, give up the burden of the future.

A higher power is simply something bigger than yourself.

The idea is simple. It is something to belong to. People need to feel connected to something. It is human instinct for us to need to feel a 'part of' and to feel like we belong.

For me, a higher power was something as simple as energy."

Letting go of all those events and circumstances that we can not control is a tremendous release.

We access this higher power via the spiritual part of us, often referred to as your higher self. Think of this as your conscious mind's portal to the universe – or as I call it the Energy Of Life.

Connecting With Your Higher Self - The 2 Steps

1. Shift your focus.

The fast track to alignment with your higher power is achieved by shifting your focus away from your present circumstances and onto your higher power.

It starts with the simple but powerful expression: "I can't do this on my own, please help me?"

Don't get hung up on the 'God dilemma'. Don't put a label on it.

Aldous Huxley suggests that:

"The spiritual journey does not consist in arriving at a new destination where a person gains what he did not have, or becomes what he is not.

It consists in the dissipation of one’s own ignorance concerning one’s self and life, and the gradual growth of that understanding which begins the spiritual awakening.

The finding of God is a coming to one’s self."

Imagine life as a river of energy flowing through you. It's going to flow wherever it wants. You can fight it and flail around trying to swim against the current - and fail. Or you can let the river of energy take its course and surrender to it and
go with the flow.

2. Practice gratitude.

One of the the fastest routes to being able to sustain the letting go is the practice of gratitude - or thankfulness.

The frequency of gratitude is a high energy state.

Gratitude is a practice in the same way that mindfulness is a practice. Both start with a choice and require a conscious effort to do it.

Set aside regular times each day and consciously recall the very many things in your life both now and in your memory of the past for which you can give thanks.

This practice usually starts with a mental list of tangible things such as a roof over your head, family, health etc.

Then move to recalling past events where you have felt fortunate, where things have gone your way, and where you have felt blessed.

As you express gratitude for each situation and event focus on the feeling, the energy, as you express gratitude for it,.

Once this practice has become a daily habit, you can take it further and give thanks for everything.

This includes the full sweep of everything in life - this includes the good, the bad and the indifferent.

This level of gratitude says and feels thankfulness for all of life, for life itself: "How wonderful to exist".

Circumstances become irrelevant as the focus of your gratitude expands...

All of this may seem counter-intuitive and it can go against the grain of your thoughts and feelings about your circumstance.

The 4 Keys To Working With The Energy Of Life

From here on, everything I say can only be experienced.

I am saying these things because I experience them.

You can only know it by doing it.

I am not asking you to believe me.

I am not asking you to have faith in what I say.

I am not asking you to believe in nor have faith in anything.

I am asking you to test this and see for yourself.

You test it by proceeding as if it were true and evaluating your own experiences as you use these four keys:

1. The Energy Of Life has your best interests at heart

If you trust it, it will never let you down. It will always watch your back and give you what you need. It may not be what you want, but it is always what you need.

2. The Energy Of Life is the ground of all being and its core is the highest energy of love

The expression of this love is deeply and intensely personal to you and in ways that you may not yet be able to imagine.

3. The Energy of Life loves you and invites a relationship with you

For many of us this is hard. We carry wounds from our past. Build your relationship in steps and stages, and allow trust to grow.

4. The Energy of Life responds to your energetic state

The biggest,
deepest and most amazing shifts will happen in your life as you continually align your energetic state with the Energy of Life.

Energy Goes Where Energy Flows

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