It's ALL About These 2 Simple Things

I know it does sound dramatic to say that: "it's ALL about these 2 simple things..."

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    It all boils down to these 2 simple things:

    (1) How to think

    (2) How to stop thinking

Yes BUT...

"Yes BUT…" I hear you say, "Stephen you don’t understand, my employers are taking advantage of me, I am about to be made redundant, I am in debt and my finances are a mess, my wife/husband/partner and I keep arguing, I am under so much pressure – I need to DO something – anything NOW!"

My friend I have been there – believe me – more than once, and over many years, I do know what it feels like to be $200k in debt, with no credit, no paying clients, a mortgage company foreclosing, creditors suing me and with no apparent prospects of recovery… It’s hard and it is painful and it is very difficult.

There is no magic bullet. So how to cope?

It took me at least 30 years – much soul-searching and a lot of suffering to discover this...

We need to learn how to change the way we think so that we can maximise our capacity to think in the most constructive and positive way.

We need to learn how to NOT think – that is to STOP thinking – and to be able to do so at will.

change management,change managers,change management training

This may all seem deeply simplistic, and it is in fact very easy to understand the idea of "HOW to think" and "HOW to stop thinking" but without guidance and support it is not so easy to put into PRACTISE.

This is our point of focus on this site and in all the supporting articles, and I will show you how to put this into practise - so you needn’t take as long as I did to master it!

I spent the first 30 years of my adult life learning how to think and the last 5 years learning how to stop thinking!

Like many/most people I believed that if only I could master this mental skill or that skill I could change my life. If only I could always stay positive, exercise enough faith, do my affirmations etc I could “crack it”.

It took me at least 30 years – much soul-searching and a lot of suffering to discover that I needed to learn how to stop thinking – that my thinking mind is actually very limited - and why.

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