Tools Of The Mind For Coping With Tough Times

I want to introduce you to several powerful tools of the mind. On this site we're not delving into the world of therapy or theory, our focus is practical and pragmatic.

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We are sharing and exploring tools of the mind, tools that work on the mind that can help you deal with tough times.

Tools Of The Mind [1]

Can you hear the voices?

How to stop those negative self-sabotaging voices in your head

I'm not suggesting that you are psychotic or delusional, so let me express this another way, do you ever experience repetitive thought patterns - a kind of inner narrative that runs in the background of your mind?

We can particularly prone to this when we are tired, under pressure, stressed and run-down.

I experience this in the night sometimes, and what happens is that my head seems to be invaded with repetitive negative thoughts which go round and round and on and on.

They are invariably negative and often destructive and self sabotaging. On odd occasions when I have been under great pressure over long periods of time these thoughts can seem to have a life of their own and sometimes feel (and I must emphasise that I say this only metaphorically) like demons running riot in my head trying to destroy me. In my case they attack my judgement and my feelings of self-worth.

Aside from times of great stress, the other occasions when negative and self-defeating thought dialogue (or self talk) often kicks in is when we set ourselves big targets and attempt to push ourselves out of our comfort-zones.

Most of us experience negative self talk from time to time and that isn't surprising given that so many of the thoughts, patterns, associations and beliefs that drive our behaviour, operate outside of our conscious awareness.

It is even more unsettling to discover, as I did a few years ago, that despite "doing lots of work on ourselves" and getting involved in personal development and self improvement activities, that there are often still deeply buried beliefs expressed in unconscious self talk that still have a significant influence over our choices.

In the course of undertaking a large "goal setting" process some years ago, I was amazed to discover that I had a quite deep resistance to the idea of achieving financial success easily, and I had a deep resistance to the idea that anyone actually listens to me.

For an "old-hand" at personal development, this was a sobering realisation that despite literally years of active involvement in personal growth there were still deep seated areas of resistance in me that were whispering deeply corrosive and damaging self talk within me.

I have now learned a number of powerful mindfulness based tools of the mind for dealing with this problem, so thankfully it doesn't trouble me for very long now, and I will explain this more fully in this and accompanying linked pages, but this does take a while to master.

If (as I did) you need immediate results in the short-term there is another technique.

I discovered, that by changing the tracks that were playing in my head - by changing my self talk - I removed the resistance, I performed much better and best of all - I felt better.

As I originally had no experience of mindfulness based tools of the mind, nor did I have the time to master them, I used a Self Talk CD programme.

Tools Of The Mind [2]

Can you switch into "peak-performance mode" instantly and on demand whenever you need to?

This is another type of situation that can be dealt with most effectively with a powerful mindfulness based approach to "tools of the mind", however, in the short-term a very powerful tactical approach is to use NLP.

In my view, everyone can benefit from a basic grasp of some of the key concepts of NLP.

What NLP can do is give you a powerful and easy to use tool for controlling your emotional state at will and on demand, and thus allowing you to do whatever you are good at to the very best of your ability.

Even more importantly, using NLP to achieve a personal peak performance at a "mission critical" point is in certain situations key to major breakthroughs and success.

There may also be other situations where gaining control over your emotional states can be very helpful, such as getting over a broken relationship or dealing with a major set-back.

If have shared a detailed experience that helped me to earn over $300K on a business deal some years ago. You can read about it here.

I can thoroughly recommend that you get up to speed with the basics of NLP as part of your tool-kit of tools of the mind. For a brief overview of NLP take a look at this short video:

Tools Of The Mind [3]

Are you interested in one of the most powerful tools of the mind that I have ever seen or used for goal setting and achievement?

Are you able to NOT judge a book by it's cover?

I stumbled over Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition process several years ago and I have to tell you that in my view and direct experience it is the most powerful process for goal setting and achievement that I have ever seen or used.

I say that having researched and tested many processes over the past 20 years and with considerable experience of personal development materials.

Stuart Lichtman is a serious man and a very successful man. He has extensive formal education including graduate and undergraduate courses in Psychology, Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at MIT, Masters in Applied Psychology, and doctoral work in organization development and cross-cultural business.

A number of years ago, he had a serious motor accident and was nearly killed, following this he decided to mass-market his already proven and successful process.

He teamed up with US marketing guru Joe Vitale who rewrote the original and somewhat dry and academic transcripts for Cybernetic Transposition into a mass market product with the uninspiring title: "How to get lots for money for anything fast".

In my own view, for all the mass-market success Joe Vitale may have brought to Stuart Lichtman, he has made the process inaccessible to the many people who will filter out this material as "snake oil salesmanship" and "gimmicky".

But believe me, beneath appearances, context, initial framing and language, this is very serious and powerful material.

I bought it several years ago, worked through it and can assure you that it is very effective.

In summary this is what it shows you how to do:

1. Create a target that all of your 4 major brain systems agree on - and the transposition of past successes in any area to the achievement of what you presently desire. (This is the only process I am aware of that does this.)

2. Prioritise that target in a way that keeps you unconsciously focused on it no matter what you are consciously doing

3. Remove any unconscious roadblocks that would otherwise prevent achievement of the target – principally by identifying and "negotiating" with those of our sub-personalities (or selves) that are causing our immunity or resistance to change and those sub-personalities that are directly affected by it.

I will not breach Stuart Lichtman's intellectual copyright by outlining the process in any depth here but you can download a very brief summary from my own personal notes on this set of tools of the mind

OK, brace yourself, here is the link where you can purchase
Cybernetic Transposition.

I repeat, please see beyond the "get rich quick" style of presentation. This material is worth hundreds maybe thousands of dollars, and I know that Stuart used to sell this (in a non gimmicky format) to corporate clients at £25k a time.

The sales site offers a 60 day guarantee of refund so there is no risk in looking at the materials and seeing for yourself at
Cybernetic Transposition

P.S. I should perhaps just say that I do not have an affiliate relationship with Stuart Lichtman, I earn nothing by recommending this to you. I just happen to believe that based on my own direct experience of working with this material, this is the most complete, psychologically and neurologically effective and practical material that I have seen.

Tools Of The Mind [4]

Is your brain balanced? And why this matters more than you may realise...

You may find this hard to believe but at the current stage of evolution of the "average" or "normal" human brain - the "left brain" and the "right brain" do not communicate easily or much at all.

In practical terms the chances are that your brain is just not balanced, i.e. the different centres of the brain literally do not - frequently cannot - communicate.

The same is also true for the "the emotional centre" and "the reptile brain" or the survival instinct).

This lack of brain balance, is the underlying evolutionary and neurological reason why we experience life the way we do and why we suffer so much, and as a species why we inflict so much suffering on each other.

It is also the root cause of all of our personal internal conflict and inner resistance or immunity to change.

So improved and more frequent and conscious communication between these different brain centres makes sense, not least as it is a route to peace, insight and all the benefits attributed to advanced emotional, pschological and spiritual development.

This is why I feature binaural beat meditation products on this site as tools of the mind. You will more discussion and links to further resources about the neuroscience of brain balance and why it matters here:

Hardware reasons why we think, the way we do

Brainwave entrainment and here is a detailed review based entirely on my 8 years of experience with a binaural beat meditation product

Tools Of The Mind [5]

The most powerful long term tools of the mind involve some form of meditation practise.

Meditation whether assisted by a binaural beat technology product or not will - given sufficient time and practise - give you a more balanced brain.

The reason for this is that the effect of many meditation techniques is that it gives you an increased degree of control over your mind and and specifically a large degree of freedom from the incessant flow of thoughts and internal chatter - your "monkey mind" as it is called.

Another major by-product of practising meditation techniques is that meditation will help you relax and relieve stress - which is particularly beneficial if you are experiencing hard times.

Ultimately, if you do enough of it, meditation will help you realise increased or higher states of insight and perception.

So the reason why I feel that meditation is the most powerful of all long term tools of the mind is quite simply that the state and quality of your mind has a very large bearing on the quality of your experience of life, particularly during tough times and very specifically with regard to the whole business of "how to change your life".

There are many meditation "tools of the mind" resources on this site and I refer you to the following pages and associated articles and links to further resources:

Meditation Techniques

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Thich Nhat Hanh

I have been aware of, and have used material from:
"The Guided Meditation Site" for some time now.

The site is run Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.Sc, Msc.D and I am a big fan of his material.

Christopher is the author of numerous articles on the science of sound, Christopher regularly works with meditation teachers, holistic healers, hypnotherapists and personal development consultants to help them produce and distribute their guided audio productions.

Christopher's site is in itself a relaxing place to visit, he offers many free downloads and resources and a very wide of guided meditation material, relaxation and meditation music. I commend it you:

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