Myers Briggs ESTJ

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Myers Briggs ESTJ

Myers Briggs ESTJ - Summary

  • Practical, realistic and matter of fact.
  • Decisive, quickly move to implement decisions.
  • Organise projects and people to get things done.
  • Focus on getting results in the most efficient way possible.
  • Have a clear set of logical standards, systematically follow them and want others to also.
  • Take care of routine details.
  • Forceful in implementing their plans.

Myers Briggs ESTJ - Characteristics

  • Myers Briggs ESTJ are practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact, with a natural head for business or mechanics. Though they are not interested in subjects they see no use for, they can apply themselves when necessary.
  • They like to organize and run activities. They make good administrators, especially if they remember to consider others' feelings and points of view, which they often miss.
  • This type organizes and schedules ideas and the environment to ensure the efficient, productive pursuit of objectives. It seeks logical explanations for actions, events, and conclusions, looking for faulty reasoning and lapses in sequence. They use logical fact-based judgments in the outer world of people and actions. This again explains their behaviour and leadership qualities.
  • They collect data in the present moment and compare it with past experiences, a process that sometimes evokes the feelings associated with memory, as if the subject were reliving it.
  • Seeking to protect what is familiar, ESTJ draws upon history to form goals and expectations about what will happen in the future. This type will defend the status quo and procedures.
  • It finds and interprets hidden meanings, using “what if” questions to explore alternatives, allowing multiple possibilities to coexist. This imaginative play weaves together insights and experiences from various sources to form a new whole, which can then become a catalyst to action.
  • This use of abstract perception in the outer world gives them the ability to conceptualise.
  • ESTJ filters information based on interpretations of worth, forming judgments according to criteria that are often intangible. It constantly balances an internal set of values such as harmony and authenticity. Attuned to subtle distinctions, it innately senses what is true and what is false in a situation.
  • Some may not make full use of associations with kinship, personal connections, and congruency of values or beliefs.

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