Seasons Greetings

    How Things Are Right Now

    2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and we face an uncertain future in a rapidly changing world.

    At a time like this, well intended greetings can sound hollow.

    This site is blessed to have visitors and readers from all over the planet, and many from Asia which is now my second home.

    Those of us in the so called first world have had a tough time, but I know from my many friends and contacts around the world - and especially in Asia - that many of you are in countries that offer no financial support or affordable healthcare and you are suffering deeply... and some of you suffer under regimes that are insensitive and brutal.

    Right now, maybe you are seeing no end to all this misery...

    How To Cope In These Tough Times?

    This is not a commercial site.  Every article on here is dedicated to showing you how to cope in tough times, and to provide you with the free tools to do this successfully.

    If you are suffering right now, may I point you to these messages that were written specifically for you.

    Here is a series of articles that I started during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown containing reflections, experiences, practical tips and suggestions that are based on my direct personal experiences.

    The site index lists all articles on this site by category.

    Please reach out and contact me direct.

    I always respond promptly to all genuine messages.

    I wish you well in this coming year.

    Stephen Warrilow

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